Chinese spam

This must be the strangest email we have received until today…



Which Google Translate converts into… this:

Which is already so thin you want Do not want more generous than you lean the other half side of the Air?
Do not want to be more generous to the health body the other half of the Air than you??
If you’re like, OK, a simple rack fraud ~ ~ ~

Please register

Funny how  “please register” is the only part that seems to be perfectly translated (or at least the only part that doesn’t look like a twisted translation of a haiku!). So much for our first chinese spam…

Back from summer holidays

August is over and far, far away… or so it seems. Medusa is back to work, though we didn’t really spend the whole month on the beach, sipping margaritas. Not at all. We spent most of our time around a table, brainstorming new ideas. Sipping beer and smoking, sure, but brainstorming.

If you are also looking for a superb source of inspiration, far away from alcohol or drugs, do not miss this collection of 235 free indie games (thanks to Pixel Prospector).  If you like a game, simply roll the cursor over the bottom part of the video to check its name and click to watch a longer version.

But first try letting your brain absorb all that indie awesomeness… some moments are truly inspiring!

Found on Twitter…

So funny finding this with Twitter-search:

keyultd iPhoneの「Oddy smog misadventure」というゲームが楽しい! 見た目と音楽の美しさに惚れました。ゲーム的にもシンプル故に熱中してしまうタイプ。リンク先は海外のレビューです。  59 minutes ago

Is guess it’s Japanese, and it coincides with Oddy Smog being #39 in Games-Arcade in Japan… What does it say? I don’t know. I hope that something nice about Oddy. It would be great. Someone in Japan, the cradle of video games, saying something good about our game…