The Heat is On

Something I enjoyed a lot in Battletech games was handling overheat. A well aimed CPP shot could blow a mech up in a blink. CPPs, however, raised your mech’s heat a lot, and an overheated mech would switch off for a while. Installing enough heat sinks allowed you to control… The Heat is OnRead more

TLP2K13 postmortem

No pudimos salir mucho más contentos de la Tenerife Lan Party 2013, ya que aparte de asombrarnos con la magnitud del evento (increíble el escenario del League of Legends y magnífica la ilusión con la que participa la gente en general) ¡ganamos el premio al mejor videojuego en el Hackfest!… TLP2K13 postmortemRead more

Remodeling the blog

We are currently trying different themes and layouts, so please forgive us if things look stupid for a while. We should be programming games…

Chinese spam

This must be the strangest email we have received until today… 原本已經好瘦嘅你想唔想將更瘦一面比你另外一半睇? 想唔想以更加健康嘅身軀比你另一半睇?? 如果你想,好簡單架詐~~~ 請即登 Which Google Translate converts into… this: Which is already so thin you want Do not want more generous than you lean the other half side of the Air? Do not want to be more generous… Chinese spamRead more

Found on Twitter…

So funny finding this with Twitter-search: keyultd iPhoneの「Oddy smog misadventure」というゲームが楽しい! 見た目と音楽の美しさに惚れました。ゲーム的にもシンプル故に熱中してしまうタイプ。リンク先は海外のレビューです。  59 minutes ago Is guess it’s Japanese, and it coincides with Oddy Smog being #39 in Games-Arcade in Japan… What does it say? I don’t know. I hope that something nice about Oddy. It would be great. Someone in… Found on Twitter…Read more


Enjoy this awesome short movie where Patrick Jean, from One More Production, recreates an attack to the City of New York carried out by 8 bit characters from videogames. Arkanoid, Tetris, Pac-man, Donkey Kong… They all share the aesthetics of the 3D-pixel (aka voxel) objects from 3D Dot Game Heroes… PixelsRead more


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