Sound Juggler [iOS]

Juggle with Glows, light spheres that emit alluring tones, trying to keep as many of them in midair as possible. Glows are hurled upwards when they hit a Bumper, energy rings that appear when you tap the screen. Place them strategically to control Glow trajectories and score points with each hit!

Unlock up to three exclusive music themes, carefully composed to create an enveloping atmosphere. Playing with headphones is highly recommended!

  • Music adapts to the number of Glows. As their tones interweave with music, you will enjoy the enigmatic and unique melodies that emerge from gameplay.
  • Time Attack mode: Score as many points as possible in just two minutes!
  • Challenge mode: Juggle until ten Glows are lost. How many of them can you keep in play?
  • Accumulate multipliers to build up score!
  • Pick up seven different power-ups that alter gameplay conditions. But take care: not all of them will help you.
  • Take advantage of the multitouch screen to play in co-op mode with a friend.

Available on the App Store

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