Rain, Sand, Stars

Note: If you are looking for the iOS game, check this post! 😀

We recently conducted a Master Class in Animayo, an International Festival of Animated Film, Visual Effects and Videogames, where me met true giants like Ryan J. Woodward and Carlos Saldanha. Our Master Class, Independent Video Game Creation. An Exploration of the Technical and Creative Process, tried to introduce the audience to the video game creation hell hobby.

During the first part, we talked about game engines, game design and game mechanics, and we played with Unity3D. Starting from an empty scene,  we explained how a character could be moved in 3D and how some simple zombie-like enemies could be programmed.

During the second part, we showed how the game we had been preparing in a month for the festival evolved from a sketch to a playable scene. We have been uploading some of those doodles and screenshots to our Tumblr page. These are just some of them:

Rain, Sand, Stars - sketch

Rain, Sand, Stars - prototype

Rain, Sand, Stars - Models and animations

Rain, Sand, Stars - Looking good so far!

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