Beatfense: a videogame for an undergraduate thesis project

One of our members, Aitor, is about to earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering, for which an undergraduate thesis project is required. As I hold a PhD degree in Computer Science, I will be one his project tutors. And Medusa will publish a new game before Summer! Win-win(-win)!

The project will consist on creating a video game from scratch from an idea we had a few months ago. It’s complex enough to be interesting for an undergraduate thesis project (software engineering vs agile software development, modularity, user interface design, client-server programming for  its own highscore tables…)

But it’s also a reasonably tractable project, as it will be developed by an one-man army. I’ll just guide and advise him a bit so the game is finished by April, published in May and the project properly defended by June-July.

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