Rain, Sand, Stars now available for PC (Win/Mac) at Indievania

This week we released the PC version of Rain, Sand, Stars for Windows and Mac OS. We opted for Indievania, by Alientrap, due to its simplicity – creating an account and setting up a store for your game is as easy as it gets, and it even looks good! Plus, our game will be in good company with plenty of superb indie games.

There are many other options to sell your game, of course. You could simply set up a PayPal account and sell it yourself in your own site. Or you could opt  for e-commerce solutions like FastSpring, BMT Micro or eSellerate. Either way, you should choose a solution that makes it easy for potential customers to buy your game.

Indievania allows you to create a nice landing page and falls back on PayPal to complete purchases. If buyers have a PayPal account, buying a game is quick. Otherwise a guest account may be used, but they will have to enter some billing information: country, name, address, phone number… It’s not that much, but the less the better! Don’t let customers change their mind in the process!

There are rumors of a new solution, The Humble Store – already in use by the Some Big Guys (Wolfire GamesTerry CavanaghStephen LavelleJonathan Blow,LexaloffleFrozenbyte…). We’ll keep an eye on that one, too!

Meanwhile Indivania is quicker, easier, more seductive. Not good if you’re called Luke!

Try it! Get Rain, Sand, Stars here! 😀

UPDATE: Uops, not anymore. Indievania is closed 🙁

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