Peer Review. EGP Day 1.

Here I go. Not much time for words, though. Peer Review will be a metaphor of the publishing process of scientific papers in journals and conferences for the Experimental Gameplay project competition (theme: Rejection).  I’ll be using Unity3D, of course, as it will make workload much lighter.

You control the white cube, who is doing his PhD (he’s a scientist!). The white sphere is his PhD director, who throws new papers (black planes) at you from time to time. It’s your duty to write and publish them! How? Well, you can move sideways and blow. When you blow, papers are thrusted upwards (and that represents the writing process). If papers fall to the floor, you lose a possible publication!

Who will receive those papers? That will be answered in Day 2!

Peer Review: a metaphor about writing and publishing scientific papers.

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