Oddy Smog, Oddy Smog EVERYWHERE

What a huge week for Oddy Smog’s Misadventure. The game that was our second title, back in 2010, has been released for Android and has received a big update in the App Store.

Oddy deserved to be played in new devices. When we created it back in 2010 we only had access to an iPhone 3GS. In a few months the iPhone 4 made its appearance with its retina display, forcing Oddy to be played in 2x mode since then. Something similar happened with iPads. Oddy has been available just for 3GS, in old 480×320 mode… until today.

We learned a few tricks while developing Rain, Sand, Stars and Rejuice! Both titles were universal since day one. At some point we decided to apply the same ideas to Oddy (and hopefully to Sound Juggler in a near future). Now it’s not only Universal for iOS devices, but also available for Android in Google Play.

What’s new?

  • Nicer HD graphics.
  • New, simpler, one-touch controls. Classic control is still available.
  • Tweaked gameplay. The Smog raises faster the higher you climb. Prisoner appearance rate is constant now.
  • Geolocalized leaderboards! Compare your score against people from your own city, region, country or the whole world!

Are you a happy iOS device owner? Get it here.

Or are you an intrepid Android explorer? Oddy is also there, waiting for you.

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