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First of all, thank you for your words. Let us remember them: “SERIOUSLY YOU ADDED OPENFEINT? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.” You did not reveal your email, so we are unable to answer you properly. But let this letter be both an answer and an announce.

Many players have written us asking for leaderboards, but certainly none of them used such gentlemanly ways. We are unsure whether you are angry because there are no leaderboards or because, as we announced in Twitter, we will be using OpenFeint to implement them. Nevertheless, we truly thank you for your contribution and your overall gentleness.

Other somewhat less rude emails ask for  a solution for the high risk that Oddy takes when he uses a catapult, a rocket or a teleport. Well, when we designed Oddy Smog we talked a lot about that. We thought that, as these three cogs are short cuts, they should not be reliable. Players would be forced to decide if they take the risk in order to climb faster.

But we also understand that it may be somewhat frustrating! So our next update will include two things: OpenFeint (yes, leaderboards!) and a new feature in Oddy’s manouver habilities that will grant him a second opportunity, thrusting him towards a wall in order to avoid a certain death. Once used, only freeing prisoners will activate it again. You will have to use it with care!

We are sure you will enjoy both upgrades.

Thank you for playing!


PS: We use ‘him’ for Oddy, but that does not mean anything at all!

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