Cool Oddy Smog trailer animated gif…

… to celebrate that we did not win anything at all in the 2010 Unity Awards.

There pretty good works among the nominees! But this year winners where…

Grand Prix: Air Attack HD by Art In Games

Best Gameplay: Colorbind by Nonverbal

Best Non-game LoveMyHome by ILP

Best Visual Design: The Uncanny Fish Hunt by Uncanny Games

Best Mobile Game: Rimelands : Hammer of Thor by Dicework Games

And the Rising Stars were awarded to Uncanny Fish Fish Hunt by Uncanny Games, Pirates of New Horizons by Exit Strategy Entertainment and Crowned by Gregor Falk.  Congratulations!

And just in case you have not watched it yet, the Unity 2010 Keynote was pretty exciting. Both the new Asset Store (integrated in the editor!) and Union are two huge steps forward in the Unity universe!

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