Beatfense – Alpha 7. This is not Beatfense anymore.

After trying to balance all previous versions we are testing a new idea. It’s still some kind of Tower Defense, in a sense: we have to avoid enemies from getting to the left side of the screen. But there are no turrets. Gameplay is now simpler but much more interactive, and quite suitable for multi-touch devices.

We still have the same Grid and enemies behave as in Alpha 6, using some basic steering behaviours (we still have to tweak them in order to look more ‘organic’). In this new iteration, however, touching a given Cell creates and maintains a Force Field that will push enemies away. When touch/click is cancelled, Force Fields simply fade away. This way you may create as many Force Fields as required in order to guide enemies at will towards… The Vortex!

Yes, I know, we should create our own dictionary…

Anyway, this Vortex attracts and absorbs enemies moving nearby. After a number of enemies have been sucked in, the Vortex explodes (destroying surviving enemies with a shock wave) and a new one appears at a random position on the left side of the Grid.

So, by touching the Grid you create Force Fields that push enemies, ideally towards the Vortex, in order to avoid them from getting to the left side of the screen.

In this first and visually disgusting test we see most of these ideas:

It’s surprisingly addictive! It’s easy to spend a few minutes simply guiding enemies towards the Vortex… But we already have plans for next updates:

– Different kind of enemies: heavier, exploding (they would destroy Cells), with non-linear movement…
– Sawtooth based difficulty levels.
– Dynamic grid cells that may affect enemy movement and Force Fields.
– More rewarding effects. Pushing enemies must feel good, and exploding vortex(es?) and thus advancing a level must feel even better.

Time is running out, so this version should improve quickly!

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