Beatfense – Alpha 3: Adding some enemies.

It’s been a busy week with exams (Language Processors!), but some basic enemies have been added. They are randomly placed every 5 seconds at random positions by the Overmind (he’s the one throwing ‘rocks’ at your Core, we couldn’t call him Bob, right?) This is the change log since the last version:

  • Grid has evolved into a Singleton class so that other objects may easily get information about the current state of the game. Grid’s size, Cell status, in-game Items… That’s much faster than sending messages.
  • There’s a simple enemy generator called Overmind. Right now it just places enemies randomly at a fixed frequency. In a future it may decide the worst place to create an enemy, making the situation more complicated for the player. Mehehe…
  • A base Enemy class has been defined. Right now they just float above the Grid towards the Core. Their movement is not restricted by rows or columns.
  • They may collide with certain Items, damaging or destroying them if they are Destroyable. It won’t be good if they hit the Core, but not for now. In the video they destroy three Repeaters. Note that the Pulse does not affect them.
  • Enemies will have hit points, requiring a number of hits by Weapons or certain Items (Mines?) to be destroyed. But that’s for Alpha 4!
Once we implement basic weapons and destructible Enemies we will be able to test all this as a proper game. Will it make sense? It does in our heads… let’s hope its fun, at least, trying to prevent enemies from reaching the Core!


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