2012 at a glance.

These are some of the most visual projects developed during 2012: HTML5 applications, interactive scenes and games. In most cases our clients designed and created the visual aspect (but for the seaplane game), and we were responsible for their development and visual production.

Quite a bunch of different technologies here! HTML5 (CSS, Javascript) and jQuery Mobile, different Python flavours for server-side solutions (Google App Engine, CherryPy and even plain CGI…), lots of Unity3D (C#) and even a bit of computer vision applied to a Kinect-controlled game.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you think we may help you.


New web, new projects

It’s April Fools, but this is not a prank! We’ve been working hard these past months, relearning HTML, CSS and discovering jQuery in order to get a new and shiny web site! We wanted it to show who we are and what we do, because we are now offering Art & Software outsourcing services.

Creating our own games will still be our main goal, though, and so we have two projects in development. We will slowly reveal them in future posts, as we want to take this devblog seriously (and this could be the joke). Of course, we also want to relaunch Oddy Smog’s Misadventure for iPhone4 and iPad, and possibly Android, but we want to purchase Unity Pro first. And we need money for that. And thus we offer Art & Software outsourcing services. See? Everything makes sense now!

So there we go! Please feel free to contact us if you need illustrations, music, 3D models, a piece of software or even a whole video game. Or just keep in touch if you are interested in game programming. See you soon!

Wait, where did April and May go?

As our tweets probe, we have not been resting on our laurels. By mid-April, we left everything we were doing to follow a white rabbit. We came up with something we thought would be fantastic (and we still do), so we threw ourselves into it.

Animayo 2010

But suddenly we stumbled into Animayo, the 5th edition of this International Festival of Animated Films, Visual Effects and Videogames, and we found ourselves preparing a four-hours master class about “iPhone & iPod Touch videogame design and development”.

It was a wonderful experience! Those present seemed to enjoy our chat about videogame mechanics, input devices, game design, independent games, festivals, contests and even bussiness models. At least no one fell asleep…

… or at least no one snored!

During those weeks we optimized Sound Juggler a little bit, so now it works on 3G devices and iPod Touch. We also prepared a Facebook demo version which can be played online. We cleaned up the main web page and begun finishing our next title. Not the white rabbit I mentioned before… but the one we were working with before it.

Yes, we now, we may be bitting off more than we can chew. And for a while we felt really exhausted. But it’s been worth it! Our incoming title, Oddy Smog’s Misadventure was sent to the App Store this Sunday, and if everything goes well it will be available by next week. Let’s cross fingers!

But there’s more, much more. Two more games are in development right now, one more is being designed and ideas are still sprouting and piling up.

Unfortunately, Time is so limited… Enough! Onwards and upwards!