Whistling random tunes

This is probably the first of many posts to come about those videogame scores that have a small place in our hearts, from Alley Cat’s Main Menu (to give it a name) to Portal’s Still Alive or Uncharted’s Nate’s theme. The kind of themes that give you goosebumps every time you hear them (Pitfall II, anyone?).

Some posts ago we talked about some good old games that have been recently remade. Since then, I’ve been whistling Splash Wave almost daily! It’s one of those tunes that I hum from time to time ever since I played Out Run when I was a kid. It was, without doubt, the best radio station you could tune in to overtake Sunday drivers and impress your girl.

I guess I’m not the only one. There’s a lot of people in Youtube exorcising this theme out of their heads, playing it in a variety of instruments. I would try with my blues harp, but I guess it wouldn’t work. And my neighbours would probably try to exorcise me.

This is the original theme:

And its 2006 version. Here’s Yukimatsuri playing it at the piano (play it again, Yukimatsuri!).

Finally, although the ‘video’ is a little bit static and it would have been much better watching him playing, here’s Arie-Gitarie playing Splash Wave on his Ibanez electric guitar. Em… close your eyes and simply listen.

Memories in High Definition

First it was Out Run (1986). Splah Wave on the radio, that girl by your side and Ferrari’s horse mirroring when you turned right. What a game!

In 2006, they tried to (excuse the pun) overtake  the original… It looked ok, but it was not the same.

Then, Street Fighter II (1987), the game that consolidated the fighting game genre:

It was remade twice in less than one year:  Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix (2008)…

… and well, Street Fighter IV (2009), which is esentially Street Fighter II on steroids. And Super Street Fighter IV is coming soon (2010)!

Toki (1989) is also being remade in full HD, but I never really liked that ugly monkey…

And now… now… who DIDN’T play this:

After Burner II! (1987) I still remember being a child, playing the arcade machine and learning what an F-14 Tomcat was capable of doing to its enemies with a machine gun and a bunch of self-guided missiles.

I was in a bar, with my grandfather, investing in electric happiness a few coins he had given me. There was another kid, who I had just met, a bit older than me. We were both intoxicated by the shot of adrenaline induced by that new arcade machine. Being intoxicated in bars due to a variety of beverages came much later…

Following the only order that I used to follow without doubt, ‘Insert Coin’, I went for another game. I was nervous, so the coin sliped from my fingers. Then, looking for it among peanuts and napkins, I found a 1000 Pts. note (old Spanish currency). With that note you could play fourty times in any arcade machine! It was dirty and crumpled, but I took it in my hands and I asked the other boy: “Is it yours?”

After a moment of doubt, he said: “Sure!”. And he took it. We played a little bit more and then he left the bar. With the note.

You see, I was still quite innocent.

But stop beating around the bush!

The following video is what inspired this post. I don’t know if it will be fun enough, but I’m excited like a kid who has been given a 1000Pts note.