2017: a hectic year

To sum it up: lots of time in contract jobs, which is great, but no game of our own – so we couldn’t fulfill our game-a-year goal,  something we’ve achieved since we begun this adventure in 2009…

So what did we do in 2017?

  • Pixel Cuties, the cutest Sokoban-inspired game ever. Unfortunately, by April we handled the code to a different team and it seems the game has not been released yet :'(
  • For the same client, we worked on the update of the iOS and Android Barbie game, and an update of a Steam game.
  • We keep working on Facetopo, an ongoing research project related to facial landmarks mapping and genetics.
  • We worked on three minigames for Cleo, to be released in ClanTV early in 2018
  • We imparted Game Design, and Unity programming lessons in the Game Design and Development postgrade in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • We keep mentoring attendees at Island Jam, a local 48h Game Jam that takes place at the same time as Ludum Dare, helping groups to develop their games.
  • We’ve been working most of the year in an HTML5 educational platform with minigames and competitions for a multinational corporation. Unfortunately we can’t show it, or we would be forced to dispose your corpse. But feel free to ask us about it in a private conversation!

It’s been indeed an interesting year: working with legacy code; learning Phaser to create HTML5 games; using node with Aurelia, Phaser, Loopback and Postgresql for a full stack web app with minigames (the educational platform); dealing with server security to satisfy our client’s demands… and of course sharpening our Unity skills.

And sure, we couldn’t release a game of our own, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t work on a few prototypes! Plus, we learned how to work with our own Entity-Component-System framework, got acquainted with ScriptableObjects and learned a few shader tricks.

See you in 2018, it’s gonna be an interesting year!