2012 at a glance.

These are some of the most visual projects developed during 2012: HTML5 applications, interactive scenes and games. In most cases our clients designed and created the visual aspect (but for the seaplane game), and we were responsible for their development and visual production.

Quite a bunch of different technologies here! HTML5 (CSS, Javascript) and jQuery Mobile, different Python flavours for server-side solutions (Google App Engine, CherryPy and even plain CGI…), lots of Unity3D (C#) and even a bit of computer vision applied to a Kinect-controlled game.

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We have two main lines of work: creating our own video games in a somewhat professional hobbyist fashion and a range of Art&Software services for third parties. We offer technological support for projects that require a highly creative component. From educational video games to promotional applications or web sites, our experience spans a wide range of digital products.

Software development is our most required service. We rely on multiplatform technologies to create software for PC/Mac, web, iOS and Android. Here are some of the things we have done for our customers:

  • Interactive scenes: blowing a dandelion, rolling a dice or simply pushing a button. Short actions for promotional applications that usually end up revealing a prize.
  • Minigames: guessing the right answer, scratch&win mechanics, slot machines, easy puzzles, board games… Also created for promotional applications. They require a bit of knowledge, ability or just luck from the player to win a prize.
  • Video games: no matter if it’s a classic arcade or an educational video game, this is our favourite category. We will create video games on demand inspired on your needs, implementing your idea or adapting an interesting game mechanic to your budget.
  • Applications: visually appealing and highly interactive web or mobile apps that may require users to redeem codes, send photos or witty comments, explore maps or simply dig for information.

We also offer all our video game – related abilities as standalone services: illustration, musical composition, sound design, 3D modeling and animation, design…

If you wonder whether we could produce something you have in mind, do not hesitate to contact us!

Half a year in a minute and a half

2011 has been quite interesting for us. Be decided to offer Art & Software services by February and we got our first contract job by June. Since then, we have completed nine contract jobs and we are currently working in new and exciting projects.

These assignments delay the production of our own games (Rain, Sand, Stars took much more time than expected), but it’s a great way of doing something different and… well… paying our bills. However, we take each contract job as a project of our own, taking care of details and keeping product quality as high as if they were our own ideas and needs.

We have prepared a short demo of the stuff we do: half a year in a minute and a half! Enjoy! And do not hesitate to contact us if you think you need something similar!